Asperger syndrom dating

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Asperger syndrom dating

because of their strong understanding and often average to very high intellect they can be very hard to beat at games too.

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let me know what happens and good luck to you Walt I started hanging out with a man with mild AS about 2 months ago. Two weeks ago, however, he told me he isn't boyfriend material. I'm still fighting off the urge to take it personally -- but I'm doing fine.Making sure of course that you're being fair to yourself and that you can accept that in YOUR relationships regardless of the AS factor.Sometimes, aspies can workout fair compromises so that the needs/feelings of both parties are met and dealt with.She had met him on an internet dating site and they hit it off well and then she found out he was cheating on her. I'm full of the normal anxieties that come with starting a new relationship, plus I'm learning about AS as I go along. As a human being, it is just too much most times to expect instant symbiosis (and that is a problem anyway.Just for comparison, did you ever see " Fatal Attraction"? Compare it to a girl wanting to turn a quiet, highly reserved and introverted guy into a wildly extraverted life of the party.Still, you have to be ensured that he's not out roaming the bars; on some kinda' seriel killing spree; home alone crying his eyes out; or anything else that you'd deem socially inapproppriate.

(chances are he's playing computer games, trying to stay comfortably numb ). I guess that I should hasten to add that knowing my condition and the (lack of) progress that I've made in being able to interact at a level that most NT's would find "acceptable", I've resigned to never enter another relationship.

As to him pulling away for a week or so, well that's not uncommon for an aspie.

It is fair for you though, to ask him to help you understand what he wants you to do during those times.

Not really understanding, I assumed there was something about me that turned him off -- so I asked for feedback. Life is full of wonderful things and, as much as I would like to include him in my life, I won't be devastated if that's not a mutual sentiment. I have felt as though it's important to just be patient and not aggressive.

He said there was nothing wrong -- and that he "digs" me. It doesn't seem as though he favors aggressiveness.

that you are doing your best to understand him and you want him to show you effort toward him doing the same to be equal and fair to you too.. he'll come around if he really wants you in his life...

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