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It was a bit shocking yesterday to learn that we would be doing a day 3 transfer.As a patient that has had 4 miscarriages the thought is that most of my embryos should "look perfect" (or at least be successfully developed! Schoolcraft told me in a previous conversation that generally women who have recurrent loss produce many great looking blastocysts - which is misleading - as great looking blastocysts can be normal or abnormal (the thought being that if you are getting pregnant you make blastocysts, but if you are miscarrying those blastocysts are likely chromosomally abnormal - especially in my case) ...

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Schoolcraft out - the last thing I need is an offended doctor threading my cervix and handling my babies! Schoolcraft commented on was that we decided not to do the genetic testing and I told him that we opted out of it this time, but if we need to do it in the future - we'd be willing to at his clinic (they have really proven to me that this experience does not have to be as horrible as my last clinic experience - doctors/nurses really ARE competent! As the doctor began his descent I reminded him what a horrible transfer experience I had had in January, telling him that my last RE spent 35 minutes trying to just place the catheter and Dr.

) and he broke a little smile at that, knowing I was admitting that I did not trust them earlier when I could have. ) I responded asking him the chances and he said less than 5%, I told him I'd be grateful with whatever we get - if we get any babies at all ... Schoolcraft's response was "I don't think I could keep my embryologist entertained that long!

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but in this cycle, we didn't even make it to blastocyst!

I mean, the fact that I've gotten pregnant so many times, so "easily" indicates that Berilac and I make embryos that make it to day 5 ...

so to have only 2 embryos of 7 make it to the 8 cell stage on day 3 is strange. I had to email my support network and ask for prayer.

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