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They dominated the event, placing their lightweight two-strokes into the top six finishing positions.By the late 1960s Japanese motorcycle companies began challenging the European factories for supremacy in the motocross world.

Though known as scrambles racing in the United Kingdom, the sport grew in popularity and the competitions became known internationally as "motocross racing", by combining the French word for motorcycle, motocyclette, or moto for short, into a portmanteau with "cross country".Stars of the day included BSA-works riders Jeff Smith and Arthur Lampkin, with Dave Bickers, Joe Johnson and Norman Brown on Greeves.By the 1960s, advances in two-stroke engine technology meant that the heavier, four-stroke machines were relegated to niche competitions.By 2004 all the major manufacturers had begun competing with four-stroke machines.European firms also experienced a resurgence with Husqvarna, Husaberg, and KTM winning world championships with four-stroke machinery.The AMA Motocross Championship begins in mid May and continues until late August.

The championship consists of twelve rounds at twelve major tracks all over the continental United States.Motocross arrived in the United States in 1966 when Swedish champion, Torsten Hallman rode an exhibition event against the top American TT riders at the Corriganville Movie Ranch also known as Hopetown in Simi Valley, California.The following year Hallman was joined by other motocross stars including Roger De Coster, Joël Robert, and Dave Bickers.The sport evolved with sub-disciplines such as stadium events known as supercross and arenacross held in indoor arenas. Freestyle motocross (FMX) events where riders are judged on their jumping and aerial acrobatic skills have gained popularity, as well as supermoto, where motocross machines race both on tarmac and off-road.Vintage motocross (VMX) events take place - usually It is the major Motocross series worldwide.In the smaller 250 cc category companies with two-stroke motorcycles came into their own.