Joe jonas and camille belle dating

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Joe jonas and camille belle dating

In a 2008 interview with Us Weekly at the CMA Awards, Swift said (via MTV News) about Belle and Jonas, "They've been together since we broke up.

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The two met last September while filming the Jonas Brothers’ music video “Lovebug.” Jonas broke up with Swift soon after meeting Belle but made it clear in a blog on the Jonas Brothers’ My Space page, that he never cheated on anyone.

She shared a quote that sure seems directed at Swift.

The When a Stranger Calls star also captioned it, "#quoteoftheday" and "#Happy Monday." Now, for the quote, which reads as follows: Obviously, the 29-year-old actor could've posted this for various reasons.

They were spotted together many times and there was hardly any doubt about their relationship status. Source: Zimbio The relationship of the couple was going well, until, only after a year of dating, the couple called it quits. For sure, who likes to see her love being snatched away in broad daylight?

On July 27, 2009, the couple parted ways with a promise to remain good friends. Later, in After that, Camilla has kept her love life beyond limelight. But, it is also possible that she is hiding the love of her life from the prying eyes of the media. It’s so easy – you can be in a really romantic place and maybe your co-star happens to be good looking and you have chemistry and you’re staying at the same hotel and go out to dinner… The same thing happened with Taylor Swift when Camilla Belle started dating Joe Jonas.

The song is about a girlfriend who is “much better” than a previous girlfriend.

The song is widely believed to be a dig at Taylor Swift, who very publicly dissed Jonas after he broke up with her.And another celeb is also seemingly commenting on the Kimye and T. Based on a tweet from Monday, it appears Camilla Belle slammed Swift. If you need a refresher, Bell and Swift have a history and it has a lot to do with Joe Jonas.Before I get to all those juicy details, let's discuss Belle's tweet.Nowadays, she keeps her profile low and hardly talks about her relationships and affairs. 1.73-meter-tall Camilla seems to be keeping herself away from relationships due to her tight schedule. To learn more and/or donate visit https:// #endavoidableblindness A post shared by Camilla Belle (@camillabelle) on Really unbelievable! Taylor, in her 2010 hit Better than Revenge allegedly pointed at Belle. But, Camilla was not the one to keep quiet and tolerating all the issues. Anyways, we wish Camilla all the best in her hunt for Mr.Yeah, she is reportedly not dating anyone in recent days and has tagged herself single again. She directly didn't address to Taylor's actions but she did reply to Katy Perry's tweet aiming Taylor. Perfect and hope she bumps into the love of her life pretty soon. However, when you discover that Belle and Swift have quite the history, well, it seems more plausible that the quote is directed at the 1989 artist.