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Maturedatingus com - free dating and chat sites

This site is a complete scam and should be shut…” Cupid plc is the owner of Be, although the site is operated by a subsidiary called Frindr Ltd.

They want you to believe that there are large numbers of beautiful women already on the site, and also living just down the road from you.Another dirty trick they have up their sleeves is attempting to gain access to your email contacts.When you log into the site, you’ll see a box on the homepage that says: “See which of your friends goes online dating!I’m going to take a closer look at the dirty tricks behind this deplorable site, and the dubious bloodsucking tactics they’re using to scam thousands of people out of their hard earned money.You don’t need to look very far before you come across their first deceitful trick – fake member profiles on their homepage!They also attempt to make the cancellation process as awkward as possible by making you call an operator in America.

Here’s what it says on their billing help pages: So it’s as easy as pie to take out a subscription, but if you want to cancel, they’ll make you jump through flaming hoops.Click here and we’ll check every dating website now! Of course, they have absolutely no idea which of your friends are using online dating sites, it’s just a scam to persuade you into giving them access to your mailbox and contacts.If you do click on one of the mail icons, you’re then asked by your mail provider, (Gmail, Yahoo etc.), if you will allow access for Benaughty. And if you do click on the unmissable big green button, they will all be sent an invitation to join.I’ve also seen a link that simply says “More steamy daters here!”, clicking on it and a new site called popped up, with the option to join with just one click. As a result of this sinful trickery, large numbers of people have been strung along and ripped off.If you click yes, the following window pops up: The box has the huge capitalized title: “Find Your Friends on Benaughty”, and all of your mail contacts are now highlighted by default. The very small, grey, and barely readable text does inform you what’s going to happen, but its most definitely been designed to mislead you.

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