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When a recording of that sexual abuse is made or released onto the Internet, it lives on forever.It haunts the children depicted in it, who live daily with the knowledge that countless strangers use an image of their worst experiences for their own gratification.

Currently an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, he is also a fellow and past President of the Connecticut Psychological Association. Greenfield also maintains a psychotherapy practice focused on personal growth, mood disorders and relationship issues.

Each year, countless children around the world fall prey to sexual predators.

These young victims are left with permanent psychological, physical, and emotional scars.

Greenfield has been tracking the problem since the late 1990s.

The impact of social media along with the youth culture’s obsession with sharing the minutiae of their lives online has only worsened the smartphone addiction epidemic.” -Harper’s Bazaar“What people don’t realize is that their smartphone is shaping them, it’s conditioning them…As a culture we have crossed the tipping point of overusing the technology.” -Dr.

Suspected child sexual exploitation or missing children may also be reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, an Operation Predator partner, at 1-800-843-5678 or

You can help by reporting suspected abuse or by providing tips regarding fugitives and unknown suspects. residents from engaging in sexual or pornographic activities anywhere in the world with a child under 18.

The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction (CITA) serves as one of the world’s preeminent resources for neurobiological and psychological research into Internet and technology addiction, dependency, and abuse. David Greenfield, a pioneer concerning compulsive and addictive use who led the first large scale study of Internet use in 1999 with ABC News, CITA sets out to treat patients, train medical professionals on how to diagnosis and treat problematic tech use, and educate the public-at-large through talks, resource development, and appearing in a wide variety of major media outlets (CNN, NBC, CBS, Fox, Time, NPR).

CITA is dedicated to practical action-based solutions that recognize the value and potential with technology while also allowing people to plug back into life.

Additional information, resources and reporting information are available at

The ease and allure of online pornography can have a dramatic impact for both an individual and couple. Greenfield is a noted authority on the issues surrounding pornography, and treat patients from across the country.“As one of the first to recognize technology and internet addiction, Dr.

An image on the Web of a child being sexually abused can be seen by anyone anywhere in the world. offices and more than 70 offices overseas, HSI has the ability to follow a case – to rescue a victim or arrest a predator – wherever in the world it may lead.

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