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His influence was so strong that many asked him to appeal for mercy and forgiveness of the Grand Master.

Both Mathias and his son Ambrosius belonged to the people who formed a solid foundation of the Order during the tempting times of the 13-year long war with the Prussian Union (of the Nobility and Cities).A part of Tapiau holdings spread through the territory from Koddien in the East through Shivenau (Borskoe) and Podollen (Lozovoe) to the West all the way to Langendorf (Sokolniki) and included a similar landmass in the Southern part of Bonslak (Gorka) and Nothern part of Vargene (Velikolukskoe).Historic records contain abundant information on the successors of Sklode who were famous officials in the Knights Templar territories, the Duchy and the Kingdom of Prussia.His passion and main care were focused on the livestock breeding society named “East-Prussian Dutch Livestock Breeding Society”.From 1916 to 1929 he chaired the Society and was a passionate and extremely successful breeder.Historic records of the family and estate The first documented evidence of the family origins refers to certain Sklode de Kvednau, a Prussian nobleman, who lived approximately from 1200 to 1260 AD.

He and his family belonged to the number of local leaders of Zamland tribes, which were referred to by the Knights Templar as the “original and ancient Vikings”.

The Langendorf estate, originally belonging to the Perbandt, an ancient Prussian noble family is located about ten kilometers to the West of Gvardeisk of Kaliningrad region (City of Tapiau of East Prussia).

The Perbandts had settled in Zamland long before the German Knights Templar.

And, construction of ample number of houses for workers, a new master house, and lavish gardens were a witness of a great economic success, especially in the areas of livestock farming and horse breeding. The second son of George fon Perbandt (born in 1860) was a Royal Prussian Major in “Duke Wrangle” Cuirassier Regiment (East-Prussian #3).

He also was a Knight of the Order of Malta and significantly contributed to the Langendorf successes of his father.

She lived in Langendorf with her second son George fon Perbandt (1895-1969), a local captain, her daughter Jutta fon Perbandt who helped to run the estate, and younger son Sklode fon Perbandt who was a state employee.