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After James was cuffed and put in a police cruiser, two officers left their body cameras on.

La Salle Corrections, a Louisiana-based company, took over in September. I still don’t know what most of them were in for, but I was shocked to find out that Corner Store was in for armed robbery and forcible rape.We go back to the apartment, hurriedly throw everything in plastic bags, and leave. Ironically, the investigation narrowed in on the item that, in my mind, had symbolized my transformation from an observer into a real prison guard: the cellphone I had confiscated in Ash.“I got called like four or five times for that one phone from corporate,” Miss Lawson said. Browse our editors' picks for the best kids' books of the year including gorgeous picture books, fun new series starters, and captivating young adult novels. ” I ask a recruiter from a prison run by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). I keep coming back to this question: Is there any other way to see what really happens inside a private prison? Your evaluation looked good and it looked like you were willing to hang in there and hopefully promote. “Everybody’s like, ‘Oh man, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.'” Collinsworth said that when he found out I was a reporter, he “thought it was cool.” Christian thought “pretty much what most people thought: Can’t wait to read the story!The image was a shot of a laptop screen on which a video of me was playing.

I recognized the footage immediately: James had filmed it on the afternoon before he was arrested.

When James was detained, he was careful to protect his camera and the footage on it, even as he was surrounded by SORT officers from the prison and Winn Parish deputies.

Police body-cam footage that I later obtained shows one deputy grabbing James’ camera as James struggles to hang on to it, telling the officer that searching his camera and memory cards would be illegal.

(The Winn Parish sheriff says he was “not aware” of anyone searching James’ things.) In April 2015, about two weeks after I left Winn, CCA notified the DOC that it planned to void its contract for the prison, which had been set to expire in 2020.

According to documents that the DOC later sent me, in late 2014 the department had reviewed CCA’s compliance with its contract and asked it to make immediate changes at Winn.

“It was like they were insinuating that you brought the phone in or there was some information in the phone.