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To find out what is available locally, contact a local archive.

See Appendix 1 for an overview of our photographic collections.

Papers assembled by official historians as background information for the official war history of Second World War. There are also five distinct volumes of photographs showing Boulogne (including aerial views), artificial Harbours used during Operation Neptune, and silhouettes of the French coastline (three volumes)Admiralty: Records of the Surveyor of the Navy and successors: 26 files containing photographs of Boom Defence Equipment, 1916-1946.

At least one file pertains to enemy defence booms (approaches to Kiel)Admiralty: Department of the Director of Naval Construction: Damage Reports: Numerous photographs, showing damage to naval craft, accompany reports and narratives of operations and incidents, 1939-1959Admiralty and Ministry of Defence: Naval Intelligence Division and Defence Intelligence Staff: United Kingdom Beach Intelligence Records, 1945-1992.

Search our catalogue by keyword(s) to identify document references or potential code, such as FO for Foreign Office, and date.

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Our cataloguing projects are ongoing, but a large number of photographs are only described in the descriptions of records will simply state that photographs are included, but will not provide descriptions of individual photographs.

You will need to look through the original documents within the series to discover more.Most of the data from the old photographs database is now included on our catalogue.A paper index detailing place names and people/groups extracted from the database is still available at The National Archives.A subseries within this series, comprising 27 pieces, and several further files, provide a variety of photographs of airships, balloons and associated technical equipment and facilities.Airships emanate from Britain, Germany and the United States.Many photographs remain undiscovered in volumes, files and papers.