Selected value not updating detailsview

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Selected value not updating detailsview - italianodating com

the Text Box which now occupies or cell that is in edit mode), the cell's Column and Row, and from here we can locate the Row. You might think that we can just commit the change in this event handler, however, this is an 'Ending' event, not an 'Ended' event.

These examples all worked on the assumption that you want to keep your database synchronised with the Data Grid, with changes being committed on a row-by-row basis, i.e.

However, what if you want to commit changes on a cell-by-cell basis?

Firstly, lets have a look at the problem in a bit more detail.

If you look at the documentation for Data Row View you will find that it implements the IEditable Object interface which is the significant factor here.

This interface allows you to perform trasnactional changes to your object, i.e.

This catches me out far too often - as does its Row Edit Ending counterpart!

So, if we cannot commit the edit here, how about the Current Cell Changed event?The number of tables nested with relations is unlimited.Master-Details View’s relation can be generated for the properties of type IEnumerable in the underlying data object contain.In order to allow cell-by-cell changes, we need to commit each time the user moves from one cell to the next in the currently selected row.The Data Grid exposes a Cell Edit Ending event which looks like a good candidate for this, from the event arguments we can locate the current Editing Element (i.e.If, for example, you try to color a slice plane through the center of the geometry with one of these variables, you will see a large area of color that is meaningless; only at the very edges of the geometry will there be useful coloration.