Updating boot support

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Updating boot support

Be sure to change 'Your Disk Name Here' to the name of the volume you're working with. Disclaimer, I have the third party Trim Enabler tool/hack installed.

When you plug in the flash drive it will appear in the first line of the program.

The tool behind Disk Utility's volume checking is , which can also be run from the command line.

The key to fast volume checking is a sufficiently large cache for the volume structures in memory, which Disk Utility obviously doesn't supply.

For a laptop computer that might be far from home, not having a Recovery Partition was unacceptable to me.

Also note that if you buy a Mac from Apple today with Fusion Drive, it DOES come with a Recovery Partition, so it is indeed possible to do.

[crarko adds: Try this at your own risk, although I suppose there isn't much to lose by it.

Exercise whatever usual cautions you have in running Windows software.] Dynamic DNS services provide you with a domain name you can use with a non-static IP address, like most home computers have.It turns out that Apple's Core Storage technology is more flexible than these walkthroughs give on.You can enroll an individual partition of a drive in a Fusion Drive, instead of the whole drive.This means that you can join just a specific data partition of your HD with an SSD, and leave the Recovery Partition intact.I like to eject my external drives because they slow down my mac when they spin up, but I want to have an easy way to access them if I need to.I got a new SSD and so I booted from a tertiary drive to clone my old SSD onto my new SSD. Just in case anyone out there runs into the same problem, they can find the solution here.

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